Limitations of Human Thought

World is infinitely extensive and its complexity knows no limits, naturally it is impossible for us to predict and explain things around. This is why we rely on generalization and the basis of our thinking is abstraction. Ideally speaking, we have failed in all areas of life and will keep failing until we realize our limitations and stop trying to expect right results by applying faulty procedure.

Abstract thinking is the way of visualizing events and phenomenons of this world into a framework of our experience, culture, ideas and notions. without greater details I will explain the abstract thinking with example.

Most often abstract thinking works by humanizing our study target, take the example of a Nation, a nation is most complex piece of entity, and no individual has capacity to visit all its demographics, meet all its people and still be able to refer to them as a whole anytime in discussion about that nation, now the problem becomes easy by humanizing the nation. “Uncle Sam” is one figure which we relate to or “Bharat mata” ( mother India — women deity) for Indians.

Why we choose humans and not anything else because it is natural for us to have all our emotions, actions, vendetta imparted on nation that looks like a human, with all these emotions, inclinations, patriotism, communism, friendship, love and hate, if I choose an elephant all of this behavior will be hard to depict.

Interestingly we have also made very similar projection on our Gods too, most religions have figurative/humanly gods, their picture and idol may look like human or in religions where god is without forms they still have an indicative personality somewhat similar to humans mind.

Gods are far more complicated beings than a nation so again here we made our job simple by attributing them into human personality of some kind, but its better to say that way otherwise there will be other method to pass the knowledge about god to coming generations.

Now see that — “Uncle Sam” do not exist for real, its all in our brain, and in headings of news paper who often refer US govt as uncle sam etc. what is uncle sam after all — a piece of land which is made of individual units, both men and property, dissecting uncle same takes you to a point of nothingness, if we keep dissecting we reach to ordinary individual known as “John Doe” again John doe does not exist, he is all assembly of organs working together, then cells, then atoms, dividing atoms gets you nothing,either as our scientists ended up saying everything is energy.

Where is this “john doe”? well there is consciousness who is saying “I am john doe”, this conscious cannot be found and touched by any means, it is common to all of us.

Meditation can cause Increased dreaming

Recently if you are experiencing increased flux of dreams during sleep then it may not he thing to worry about and possibly it is the indication that awareness is developing in us. It may sound contrary to some school of thoughts that talks of vanishing dreams when person reaches closer to enlightenment but that’s the final stage when dream totally stops.

Dreams are experienced due to activity of subconscious mind which remains awake all the time even when the person is sleeping. This part of mind is having a different personality but still it is the part of mind, as it can experiences ego same way, suffer and rejoice in dreams which also happen in wakeful state. We all go through dreams, some notice it more and some less.

Ordinarily our consciousness fluctuates between three states viz: waking,
dreaming and deep-sleep (deep sleep – no dreams are seen). In waking state the conscious mind creates an illusory world around us, and in dreaming state the subconscious mind that is responsible for projecting its own world of reality, but in both states it is the “self” (Atma) who is experiencing the movie, so dreams are nothing but self experiencing drama portrayed by mind.

These three states waking, dreaming and deep sleep, “deep sleep” has the least awareness level, in dreaming state awareness is more than former and in waking it is further enhanced. now the interesting thing here is, in deep sleep we are not free from dreams, they are very much there, but because the awareness is at bottom level one cannot experience or able
to remember them later.

Dreaming state, where we have more awareness than those in deep sleep, we start noticing mind project reality just as we do in waking state otherwise there is nothing to experience without this awareness, note that in waking and dreaming and deep sleep none is free from dreams and everything we perceive is some sort of dream, in waking state this dreaming is called illusion (or maaya), deep sleep is one where there is no possibility to experience anything due to lowest awareness.

So if you have noticed increased flux of dreams that does not mean dreaming has increased but you are now able to notice every slides of dreamy movie and remember them after getting awake, its a good sign of gradual progress in your spiritual endeavor.

Ecommerce a failed business model

Once thought as a ubiquitous mode of doing future retail business, a replacement for brick mortar shop is today struggling to keep its foot steady on shaky grounds. E-commerce is a fight to death game where entire world’s fighter gather in one place and fight continues wjthout an end, at anytime there is only one winner who would face new fighter who keep coming, all others are loser.

It has become very difficult to define “successful” in e-commerce, in ordinary sense if I sell something, I immediately make profit because I dont like to sell anything at loss, although there is maybe some fixed cost but it will pay off in future because every unit is sold at profit. But case is not as simple with e-commerce, there is fixed cost as well as very high variable cost, goods are sold and delivered at loss just to make brand popular. Generally an e-commerce entity become profitable after a decade provided it has survived.

Only one or two survive and become large corporations, when they sit on huge cash, things become easy, viable ways exist to edge out competition and challenge from new entrants. Most company use a single tactic “acquisition”. Buy them early, buy them small before they become a challenge or rely on aggressige discount campaign just to steer away customers from competitor.

Internet eliminated the distance limitation and the “area of influence” existed in earlier brick mortar industry is no more, gone are the possibility where everyone could earn their bread and butter. The same strength of e-commerce is also the enemy of itself, at anytime only one winner can exist, either you are growing or drawning — panic haunts all the time everyone from startup to biggies. Situation is not good for vendors either who operate within an e-commerce platform because only one with lowest price listing will be sold. Thanks to awesome search and filter options on these sites, feature is killing the business.

E-commerce business heavily rely on investment and VC fundings, they keep working on expansion plans, so never a day comes when they have any profit all income is reinvested in marketing and expansion.

Most challenging thing is to acquire loyal customer for which they heavily rely on discount all the time, try to ship items at loss and all that money come from VC backing, if cash inflow is stopped anytime, e-commerce company dies almost immediately, as long they operate keep losing money and investors do not see any return in distant future, For a growing ecom, increased sales means increased losses, still VCs find new startup investment attractive hoping that they will find a “greater fool” and sell equities at profit.

It s proven well that e-commerce market is price sensitive, customer shift bases quickly when they see a cheaper deal, they do not develop emotional bonds with any brand, unless customer support is superb. This e-commerce thing is just a transitory movement and sure we’ll have another stable business model to evolve in near future.

Heat is the enemy of Laptop

Learn this now or later hard way — heat and the dust are the worst enemy of laptop. Although laptops are called computer but they are radically different being than a desktop PC, a laptop does the same work but build wise they are more similar to modern day smart phones. You may argue like — smartphone last forever if not watered or dropped, they only gets slow over the time.

But the fact is smartphones still to the date remains a low power, low heat and low speed device and thats the secret why they last long. While many of us think laptops are just like desktop computers with added portability which is a fatal thinking. As I said laptop’s internal circuitary is made of components very different from desktop computers and have much lesser robustness and endurance against heat.

These small components expand and contract in heat cycles when you turn it on or off. After a prolonged period of use they eventually wear out. Make sure you do not run any software and games long that heat it up above 70° C, always use temperature monitor software, clean the laptop every couple of month, specially the air passage, heat sink and motherboard. re-apply thermal paste on CPU if you hear fan sound.

If you start hearing fan sound abnormally high, its time to panic. To stop further damage, you can also underclock your CPU or disabled turbo boost feature built in intel processors. Ironically laptop makers and manufacturer never hint buyers for possible dangers and precautions.

When will 4th gen intel processors stop selling

3rd generation (Sandy bridge) intel processors have already phased out and it is no more easy to buy them, I had hard time with hardware dealers find one, so far only one dealer offered 3rd gen i5. Although on ebay you’ll find listings of 3rd gen processors but most of them are refurbished, used and come with “seller warranty”.

Effectively there is not much a difference between 3rd gen and 4th gen cpus, other than later being better at power efficiency and more in graphic capabilities, if you are building a desktop pc and you are not a gamer/renderer then 3rd gen could be a great deal and save you 50 dollar minimum.

But here the catch, lets say if you have i3 and if you are considering future upgrade to i5 of your pc then the motherboard (H61 chipset) used for 3rd gen is not compatible with 4th gen processors neither you can use a 3rd gen processor on H81 motherboards. Just to remind you again that 3rd gen i5 are not available anymore.

Third gen intel processor (aka Ivy bridge) were launched in Apr 2012, and in three year span they are becoming dorment. if someone wants to upgrade their processor then time is now or never.

Today 5th gen PCs have already hit the market and 4th gens (launched in jun 2013) are looking older it is safe assume 4th gen will start phasing out somewhere in mid 2016, if not earlier, I am not taking year by year faster innovation into account.

What this could mean to you — if you are going with a 4th gen compatible pair of motherboard and processor and look forward for a future processor upgrade in 2016 and years beyond, you’ve got a good news: lets say 4th gen i5 or i7 wont be there but 5th gen processors are backward compatible with your motherboard…Hurray!!

Make sure you buy a motherboard of H81 chipset with LGA 1150 CPU socket.

What to do when your laptop is dead – motherboard

This post is continuation to my earlier writeup where i mentioned how my laptop stopped working, following week I made all possible efforts to get it up including visit to Dell service center followed by a repair shop and later lot of research just to find any viable way out for my situation, although I found no remedy but I gathered some invaluable information, which I am sharing here.

As mentioned in the earlier post it was motherboard problem, virtually any serious laptop problem is motherboard problem only. mobo issue is the worst thing to happen as it holds 90% components and if anything goes wrong with mobo, it is difficult to fix, then your are left with mobo replacement which is again not an advisable option otherwise buy a new computer.

In my case Dell service guy told me that a “new” mobo will come for 15000 Rs (INR) no exchange with a 3 months of warranty. My laptop’s motherboard had part number LA-9982P, you should better know the part number for gettijg it replaced from any third party vendor.

Taking dead laptop to repair shop comes with risk, it is very less likely that they will be able to fix any serious defect, if they do it will be very expensive. I must caution you that if you take it to them and if they cannot fix or after diagnosis you find that repair cost is way high and decide to take it back, take it for granted that they must have done further damage, reflow some chips, at least miss 5 – 6 screws some dishonest technicians will steal components and replace them with non working or older one, few may want revenge that you wasted their time. and the worst thing is with that unrepaired laptop there is no way to tell if they didn’t harm it. Think ten times before visiting a repair shop.

To me repair shop offered another motherboard for exchange at 9000 Rs. and was giving 3 months of warranty. I felt that exchange price is not worth the deal and I said goodbye to them.

As is the case with most laptop nowadays, this laptop’s cpu was onboard and cannot be removed and my wonder that this model come with i3, i5 and i7 at an exactly same price. if the price of mobo is same for all processor types and rest of the part in a laptop are exactly same why the hell did I pay extra 32k for i7 laptop over an i5 model? so these companies are in the business of duping customers.

I also thought over building a laptop myself with a barebones notebook and looked online for available options but there is not much market for barebones in india, this is because margin on building a laptop is slim and not worth the hassle as you do not get any warranty that is why in india barebones could not become as popular as assembled desktops.

While looking for barebones I also searched for my laptop motherboard online but nothing found on ebay or amazon india, indiamart site had classified from laptop hardware dealers, I called few of them. One guy told me 6500 Rs from Hyderabad another Mumbai seller quoted 7500, two of sellers from Pune quoted approx 7200, these rates were all for exchange of older mobo.

I knew that they are getting the mobo directly from China, I searched alibaba site where chinese were selling same model for 2800 Rs, they were are all refurbished, a used item which is repaired and put on resale, this made me doubt what if these indian vendors are also selling refurbished boards.

And my suspcision was true, for your reference checkout the below threads.

My 2 cents, unless you get this thing new don’t buy one. Especially don’t buy one from China/Asia. “Working” boards are almost always reflows that will die soon and if its from China good luck getting your money back.

Also you need to know that this ‘new’ mb is in fact a used mb. I’m in this business for years so I know what I’m talking about. There is no such a thing as new laptop mb for 220 including labour. Thats just over half price  of new mb and a bit too much for used.

I wonder that 15k mobo from Dell is still new, can’t say because they also collect dead mobo from customers during warranty period. even if it is brand new its not worth the price because they are not providing more than three months of warranty. So going by “no such thing as new laptop mothetboard” I dont feel spending 7k is worth, a repaired laptop may have other faulty components right.

Till date I have no clue whats the next, but I am sure I wont replace motherboard, either i will assemble a desktop or buy a new laptop with atleast three years of warranty.

Dell laptop – my horror story

This article I have not written to curse or blame some brand name but it is to share those hard-way learned lessons and highlight some alternate options. I believe I have got good exposure after purchasing 4 different laptops in a span of 6 years of my professional life and couple of desktop PCs from university times.

Lets begin with the warning “you should be very careful when buying a new laptop otherwise in the end you will only suffer not laptop makers“. You should also consider a Micro ATX based assemble PCs which are very compact way better at peformance, reliable, maintenanable and less than half price of a laptop. Again do not buy a powerful laptop if your business need and depend on it, laptops are okay as long as they are cheap, low power and your business is to show presentations, browse internet and watch movies for any serious works its always better to go for a Desktop.

Basically inception of laptops were a tactful gimmick by big business to regain market share, at the time when branded PC market had a downward spiral trend because everyone started building their own customized PCs and branded PCs were seen as a lousy option, so they came up with laptop idea, portable computing device that can run with a battery.

First thing to understand about laptops are that “they are not designed to last long and they are not designed to be upgradable” there is least chance that you can upgrade a laptop, so after 3 years when your hardware start feeling the heat of new resource hog operating systems and intensive softwares, there is no option but to buy a new laptop simply because you cannot upgrade them, neither you can make your own laptop. Laptop makers do not design them to endure more than 3 – 4 years, you will be lucky if it lasts 3 years.

Fateful day of May 2014 when I purchased a dell laptop model inspiron-3537 with i7 processor + 8 GB of RAM for 62000 Rs (INR). back at that time I was in moods of getting fastest pc possible and I didnt care how much of a real difference would a i5 or i7 make, specially when I use them only for software development, web browsing and watching videos, I am not into gaming or graphic intensive work at all.

Perhaps the only key difference was on price side, an i7 processor would cost close to double that of an i5. today I am damned regretful for that decision which I took without much thinking, I blindly trusted a brand and chose a configuration based on idea “higher the better”.

My mistake was to buy a laptop with a soldered processor on motherboard and a mad love for Dell brand, I call that a mistake because I was aware of this integrated processor concept from an earlier i3 laptop which I could not upgrade only because processor was was fixed on mobo, I could have opted other model or different brand where processor can be swapped from at exact same model atleast, what a damn foolish act on my part!

Today my laptop’s motherboard is dead and technicians face hard time fixing it, they are telling me to buy a new motherboard including Dell service guy, but for some minor fault in mobo I have to throw away entire thing including i7 processor and rest of it I wonder why I paid price of processor and other components if they were to be discarded like this. I tried two good repair shops and both seem helpless.

I could have easily opted from Toshiba or Asus like brand who also make things where you can keep a working processor and just replace mobo for 3k instead of exchanging entire thing for 15000. Dell company is at the forefront of crooked practice to purposefully design their laptop that way, so if something goes wrong you have no choice but to replace whole part or buy a new laptop.

The morning I found this laptop is not turning on, I showed it to a couple of repair shop nearby and learned that standard rates for laptop repair is between 1500 to 3000 Rs, 1500 will be normal inspection and dust cleaning fixes, if chip level issue exist they will charge 2500 at least so 2500 being the average. First shop told their price starts from 2200 and average is 2700, then moved to next shop his price were 1500 starting and guy looked reasonable and skilled, so I left my laptop there and next day he told me about some chip level defect and part must be procured from Mumbai ( need to wait 3 more days) even then it was not certain laptop will begin functioning.

When I researched for possible reasons behind motherboard failure mostly it is due to intense heat from processor causes nearby solderered parts to get displaced and sometimes even IC chips are fried. I am quite sure that behind this tragedy it was that high power i7 processor cramed in a little space where heat cannot vent out properly. if it were desktop pc things would have been under control. So it falls back to lousy Dell engineers who designed a laptop with inadequate cooling. Its worth mentioning that this laptop motherboard failed for one more time during warranty period, back then Dell guy fixed it by replacing the mobo. Dell have many of their i3, i5 and i7 models packed into exact same plastic casing, but its a common sense an i7 processor would need larger casing for a better cooling.

Anyway then I decided to show my laptop to Dell service center guy, who told me, now that the warranty period is over I will have to shell out 1360 Rs for inspection by a technician who will only do repair attempts by cleaning dust and check loose connections and if some chips are fried they dont do any repair, then the only option is to buy a new mobo for 15000, it comes with only 3 months of warranty. When i complained him about poor quality of this model, he shamelessly bragged, its just my bad luck and very normal thing to happen to a machine. I understood that basically they have offered NO solution so I took the laptop to repair shop next to Dell service center which Dell guy himself recommended for a chip level repair.

My laptop is there for over 4 days and everytime I call, they give excuses its not done yet, we have dont have parts and parts are coming from Mumbai etc.

List of Android tablets with e-ink display – ereader

Below is short list of popular e-ink devices, also termed as ereader as they cater mostly to book devours. Unlike Kindle Nook and Kobo they are not in main-stream usage but tech savvy readers likes to experiment and find more useful sometime. I’ve mentioned popular model name in bracket. Note that many of these devices even may not have Google playstore app but still you should be able to side load popular apps like Amazon kindle, Nook and Kobo, EZ File explorer etc, so there will be no difficulty accessing eBooks from all retailers including DRM files.

The best thing about these device is you can install favorite reading apps including FBreader, Aldiko, Moon+ and one that works best for PDFs. It is important to mention that should not expect same battery life that of a Kindle in an Android based reader, because android is a resource hog os. You can also get typical tablet like capacitive touch screen technology instead of not on par infra-red touch screen that Kindle and Nook uses.

1. Onyx (T68 Lynx)
Android version – 4.0.4
screen size – 6.8 inch (1440 x 1080)
Approx price – 170 USD
Weight – 236g
Front light – yes
Storage -4gb
Hardware – CPU 1GHz, 512mb RAM, Wifi, USB Port.
Google Play – yes
Remark: Capacitive touch screen (But not stellar)


2. Icarus (Illumina E653)
Android version – 4.2.x
Screen size – 6 inch (1024 x 768)
Approx price – 100 USD
Weight – 197g
Front Light – yes
Google Play – no
Storage -4gb
Hardware – 1GHz dual core, 512mb RAM, Wifi


3. Boyue (T62)
Android version – 4.2.2
Screen size – 6 inch (1024 x 758)
Approx price – 175 USD
Google Play – no
Front light – yes
Storage – 8gb
Weight – 220g
Hardware – 1GHz dual core, 512mb RAM, Wifi
Remark: Capacitive touch screen (Works well), more info on


Facebook is designed in a way that only Zuckerberg can make money out of it

mark zuckerberg

Facebook is not interested in leaving its ancestry conception that took-off from Harvard as a closed circle of college students communicating and sharing their pictures. Still today facebook is just about doing your things in a closed group whom you already know physically. It makes very difficult for someone to find like-minded friends on facebook. Facebook is killing internet forums but sadly it does not offer any replacement.

If you’re a marketer and want to reach wider audience, the only options are, either you must be a big figure or celebrity otherwise you will have to buy facebook ads just to get more likes on postings. The facebook is basically just a huge Informational ticket management system. It offers no way to share ideas & business other than letting people find all updates in one place, view page postings, express their thoughts but all that happen for pages they already know. Entire fan base you have to build yourself using outside tools and hardwork.

The worst part is if you create a topic page and keep posting to build interesting contents, these postings are not searchable outside users who liked your page, come on Mark look at twitter if I want to learn about something, I can search and it will spit out whole world’s tweet going on that topic no matter if I follow them or not, facebook is designed deliberately to keep businesses paying to promote their pages. And if facebook finds you are not buying enough ads then their algorithm will start burying your postings.

So overall facebook makes all money from your hardwork, postings and comments which also include end users. There is least chance that you will ever jump out of closed cell that facebook has built for you.

Good apps become popular OR vice versa.

To put it simple, the app gets good when they become popular. Consider an in-future viral app that will touch million download mark, is that thing inherent in app design, packs of feature and user experience OR it is other way round, that is to say; once an app get to well being initially, it is then naturally going to improve and acquire more users, triggering a chain reaction. From that first point of initial success an automatic process takes over including, implementing additional features, bug fixes, improved interface design and most of those thing come as a feedback from existing users. Of course that wont happen if management do something terrible in that stage. I am pointing that first milestone of success that matter most here.

Surely if you read the stories and look at early forms of all successful apps, websites, and softwares they were NOT that impressive as they look today. But we human have limited and impaired analytic abilities largely based on images and ideas, we naturally tend to correlate current version of website (or app / software) with their first time market value. we also ignore that the app has not acquired its users overnight rather it was a slow and gradual process which took years, early install counts were never huge. Not to mention better competitors and predecessor already existed.

The fact is, once app or a service gets a normal user base in a first few weeks of its launch, how it gets there is a different question and I would like discuss that on a different post. So that first bit of success provides immense satisfaction and moral boosting to entrepreneurs and development team and that is all behind a successful app. don’t
believe me? but fact is, no one is inherently super smart or super looser, we all float slightly up and down, it is in the journey what things we stumble decides the future of endeavor.