Facebook is designed in a way that only Zuckerberg can make money out of it

mark zuckerberg

Facebook is not interested in leaving its ancestry conception that took-off from Harvard as a closed circle of college students communicating and sharing their pictures. Still today facebook is just about doing your things in a closed group whom you already know physically. It makes very difficult for someone to find like-minded friends on facebook. Facebook is killing internet forums but sadly it does not offer any replacement.

If you’re a marketer and want to reach wider audience, the only options are, either you must be a big figure or celebrity otherwise you will have to buy facebook ads just to get more likes on postings. The facebook is basically just a huge Informational ticket management system. It offers no way to share ideas & business other than letting people find all updates in one place, view page postings, express their thoughts but all that happen for pages they already know. Entire fan base you have to build yourself using outside tools and hardwork.

The worst part is if you create a topic page and keep posting to build interesting contents, these postings are not searchable outside users who liked your page, come on Mark look at twitter if I want to learn about something, I can search and it will spit out whole world’s tweet going on that topic no matter if I follow them or not, facebook is designed deliberately to keep businesses paying to promote their pages. And if facebook finds you are not buying enough ads then their algorithm will start burying your postings.

So overall facebook makes all money from your hardwork, postings and comments which also include end users. There is least chance that you will ever jump out of closed cell that facebook has built for you.

Good apps become popular OR vice versa.

To put it simple, the app gets good when they become popular. Consider an in-future viral app that will touch million download mark, is that thing inherent in app design, packs of feature and user experience OR it is other way round, that is to say; once an app get to well being initially, it is then naturally going to improve and acquire more users, triggering a chain reaction. From that first point of initial success an automatic process takes over including, implementing additional features, bug fixes, improved interface design and most of those thing come as a feedback from existing users. Of course that wont happen if management do something terrible in that stage. I am pointing that first milestone of success that matter most here.

Surely if you read the stories and look at early forms of all successful apps, websites, and softwares they were NOT that impressive as they look today. But we human have limited and impaired analytic abilities largely based on images and ideas, we naturally tend to correlate current version of website (or app / software) with their first time market value. we also ignore that the app has not acquired its users overnight rather it was a slow and gradual process which took years, early install counts were never huge. Not to mention better competitors and predecessor already existed.

The fact is, once app or a service gets a normal user base in a first few weeks of its launch, how it gets there is a different question and I would like discuss that on a different post. So that first bit of success provides immense satisfaction and moral boosting to entrepreneurs and development team and that is all behind a successful app. don’t
believe me? but fact is, no one is inherently super smart or super looser, we all float slightly up and down, it is in the journey what things we stumble decides the future of endeavor.

Existence of destiny

The term “destiny” is a lighter replacement for “fate”, some people have problem with later because it sounds superstitious, so they prefer the term “destiny”, which is defined as: something that you ought to be and if you divert, you do not get satisfaction. For the scope of this article meaning of these two term do not differ, as they both have to do with the predetermined future. I assure you that in this article is not to confuse you similar to plenty available scholarly articles on this topic, they just seem to entertain using logic, science and metaphysics but many of them have no substance.

Interestingly, arguments in this article holds ground only if we accept the concept of TIME, ie past, present and future, this dissection of time may not exist for real other than in our imagination and we maybe living in only present even using the word “present” is misleading, in that case no comparison of events such as, what if I had chosen A instead of B and no going back is possible, then the concept of destiny can’not stand.

This is a never ending debate topic, whether destiny exist for real. Arguments almost always ended up inconclusively for most times but people have agreed that it ultimately boils down to final thing: do we have any freedom of choice ? Because the past is fixed and that past is also fixed by its own past and so on. We are constrained in a present situation ( available options ) which is predetermined by the continuum of events that occurred before it. Our skills, knowledge and ability to take desirable decision is also conditioned thereby fixated by past experiences and beliefs. It is worth pointing that, it is difficult to tell that in a moment when I will be taking another important decision will make much difference no matter what the options I select.

This is because as soon as we use thought to decide, we are already fixated by past. Suppose I am trying to take a best possible decision which basically thought mechanism is telling me from the data it has gathered over the lifetime and analyzed, all that is shadow of past. That means by my best hoped possible decision is fixed unless I deliberately take wrong decision. this has a hint why sometime poorly made decisions have unexpected result, again for taking bad decision knowingly one has to use thinking that means some logic such as after reading this article you take a bad decision expecting a opposite and favorable result, so that bad decision is not the real one, in practice a bad decision may exist when you are forced to take it unwillingly or because of incorrect information and that may have unexpected results which I talked about.

Thought, thinking, mind or whatever word you may use is all. similar movement and a product of past. This logical reasoning that say, from past nothing new is ever born, whatever will be there it is going to be a modified product from the same DNA. We hear, greater the risk greater the reward, we have seen this happening, only drastic change in life have meaningful impact anything based on thought or habit can safeguard us from dangers and big losses but it cannot have surprising outcome.

Our thinking mechanism was always condemned by spiritual guides of antiquity and present day, who say, it is barely of any use and nothing productive can come out of it. that is also a common experience that mind boggling ideas were not a direct result of our brainstorming instead they seem to be coming from outside as if antenna is caching them. When we use thought (I mean overdo) to find a solution of a problem, chances of succeeding is already dimmed, this theory can be supported by our observations that we get good results with only moderate amount of thinking and over thinking mostly has null or opposite results.

Coming back to our “freedom to decide” it is now somewhat clear that, no freedom is possible here because the conditions are fixed and thought is fixed and excess thinking do not seem to yield anything, it maybe be safe to say thought is fixed, then a next important question arises why different people land up different situations in life? are their fate fixed by destiny etc. Because there is fate or destiny for real.

A freedom of action, freedom to decide or free will whatever word we may use is, only available after one attains enlightenment or progressing toward it. As long as it has not occurred there man will be bound to destiny, term enlightenment is interchangeable with other like ultimate freedom or liberation, that means person is freed from past and and its stranglehold and now has his own will.

Now there is going to be abrupt end of this article because I do not want to discuss a lot on why and how enlightenment affects free will. if I do then it become an exercise for mind and we end up doing the same thing that scholarly articles do, so this is where things are to be understood from ones own experience, through meditation !