Existence of destiny

The term “destiny” is a lighter replacement for “fate”, some people have problem with later because it sounds superstitious, so they prefer the term “destiny”, which is defined as: something that you ought to be and if you divert, you do not get satisfaction. For the scope of this article meaning of these two term do not differ, as they both have to do with the predetermined future. I assure you that in this article is not to confuse you similar to plenty available scholarly articles on this topic, they just seem to entertain using logic, science and metaphysics but many of them have no substance.

Interestingly, arguments in this article holds ground only if we accept the concept of TIME, ie past, present and future, this dissection of time may not exist for real other than in our imagination and we maybe living in only present even using the word “present” is misleading, in that case no comparison of events such as, what if I had chosen A instead of B and no going back is possible, then the concept of destiny can’not stand.

This is a never ending debate topic, whether destiny exist for real. Arguments almost always ended up inconclusively for most times but people have agreed that it ultimately boils down to final thing: do we have any freedom of choice ? Because the past is fixed and that past is also fixed by its own past and so on. We are constrained in a present situation ( available options ) which is predetermined by the continuum of events that occurred before it. Our skills, knowledge and ability to take desirable decision is also conditioned thereby fixated by past experiences and beliefs. It is worth pointing that, it is difficult to tell that in a moment when I will be taking another important decision will make much difference no matter what the options I select.

This is because as soon as we use thought to decide, we are already fixated by past. Suppose I am trying to take a best possible decision which basically thought mechanism is telling me from the data it has gathered over the lifetime and analyzed, all that is shadow of past. That means by my best hoped possible decision is fixed unless I deliberately take wrong decision. this has a hint why sometime poorly made decisions have unexpected result, again for taking bad decision knowingly one has to use thinking that means some logic such as after reading this article you take a bad decision expecting a opposite and favorable result, so that bad decision is not the real one, in practice a bad decision may exist when you are forced to take it unwillingly or because of incorrect information and that may have unexpected results which I talked about.

Thought, thinking, mind or whatever word you may use is all. similar movement and a product of past. This logical reasoning that say, from past nothing new is ever born, whatever will be there it is going to be a modified product from the same DNA. We hear, greater the risk greater the reward, we have seen this happening, only drastic change in life have meaningful impact anything based on thought or habit can safeguard us from dangers and big losses but it cannot have surprising outcome.

Our thinking mechanism was always condemned by spiritual guides of antiquity and present day, who say, it is barely of any use and nothing productive can come out of it. that is also a common experience that mind boggling ideas were not a direct result of our brainstorming instead they seem to be coming from outside as if antenna is caching them. When we use thought (I mean overdo) to find a solution of a problem, chances of succeeding is already dimmed, this theory can be supported by our observations that we get good results with only moderate amount of thinking and over thinking mostly has null or opposite results.

Coming back to our “freedom to decide” it is now somewhat clear that, no freedom is possible here because the conditions are fixed and thought is fixed and excess thinking do not seem to yield anything, it maybe be safe to say thought is fixed, then a next important question arises why different people land up different situations in life? are their fate fixed by destiny etc. Because there is fate or destiny for real.

A freedom of action, freedom to decide or free will whatever word we may use is, only available after one attains enlightenment or progressing toward it. As long as it has not occurred there man will be bound to destiny, term enlightenment is interchangeable with other like ultimate freedom or liberation, that means person is freed from past and and its stranglehold and now has his own will.

Now there is going to be abrupt end of this article because I do not want to discuss a lot on why and how enlightenment affects free will. if I do then it become an exercise for mind and we end up doing the same thing that scholarly articles do, so this is where things are to be understood from ones own experience, through meditation !

Existence of Luck is Real – Believe it or not!

Let us emphasis, most of us here are not satisfied with what we have in life and strive for something not easy to come by. Depending on the individual this expectation can be quite different, not just money, business/job, love relations, family issues, social status. reputation, fame and various other opportunity that life may provide. For different people definition of success vary, for others it is the spiritual growth the matters most.

In all the situations like above, there is one common factor, LUCK…! almost everyone tends to wonder at some point in life and pose the question to oneself “is there is a thing called luck” and that, whether it controls our fate in a substantial manner?

On internet you will find tons of articles on this topic and almost all of them claim that there is no such thing as “luck”, but this writing is different! although I am not suggesting our lives and luck are governed by unknown random forces, or totally beyond our control or some kind of magic, although there is certain magical element to it.

Just as the dream is rock solid real for a dreamer until the sleep ends, similarly a bad-luck is a bitter reality for a sucker, as long as he keeps failing. When he finally succeeded he/she may attribute all the success to his effort and refuse to accept any luck, notice that how eminent, powerful and influential people never accept luck-factor, doing that can be detrimental to them because their profession depends on ordinary peoples who work for them and support them they must always believe in Karma, live and die in hope, that someday through hard-work they will attain the same place of their ideals. But if you see through this simple logic, if everyone succeeded through their hard-work alone they not feel happy after achieving goals, because it would be like give-and-take, you pay the price to get something, what is there to cheer about? perhaps nobody had given any celebration party after getting a favorable condition. But in practice we find that successful people feel very happy as if they have got wings and feel joy and grateful to God, it is luck that they thank internally.

If you are struggling in life much longer and do not believe in luck, it is better to begin rethinking your strategy. I am proposing that, there is NOT luck and there is LUCK, this dichotomy is when you look at it from two different angles. First, in life everything has a cause but, for any event/outcome possible numbers of influencing factor will always be infinite and those factors will have different degree of impact over the final result. Each one of us can predict at different levels, while there is no one with 100% predictability. So for humans with flesh and bones there is luck just as there is lot of external unknown influencing factor playing their roles and we cannot take all factors into account.

A simple example when you toss a playing card in air, when it lands on floor which side will show up can never be 100% predicted because it will depend on how it interacted with air molecules during fall. and during landing how and what amount of energy went into sound/heat form etc. so there is be virtually infinite factors coming from limitless air molecules here. This same analogy also holds true for our day to day social, commercial and natural events of life as everything is interconnected here.

We all hear phrases like, to succeed with our goals we need hard-work, intelligence and persistence, combining these three together now lets use the word “Karma”. Karma is definitely required but unfortunately it is never enough, this you can be sure if once in life if you had given your best to achieve your goals you will certainly doubt that karma theory.

Anyways, then we need to realize a simple but die-hard crucial fact that, anyone who we think successful today be it FilmStar, Startup entrepreneur who became billionaire or some politician, they are not some extreme hard-worker and not ultra sharp thinker like we imagined them to be, in fact they are just ordinary people like us, well some maybe smarter but the improved perceived quality of work, wit and the aura of confidence on their face all that had come after they tasted their first success, surely in path if you are rewarded for work there will be confidence boosting, refined thinking and extra fuel for working even harder. Understanding this will lessen lot of guilt problem that come from thinking oneself inferior than those who are successful What I am saying is, no discreet relational can be formulated between karma and success.

If you studied the life stories of many famous people one thing is common that, in the course of their usual activities and struggle something unusual happened to them, a turning point, simply putting, they stumbled upon “The Stroke of Luck” without which they had continue do old things without any appreciable change in their business.

Second most important thing to realize is luck is not some random event, either you can have a grace of luck, with that power you succeed for favorable number of times or you maybe bogged down by looming bad-luck. If it were just random events then perhaps the word luck wouldn’t have been coined and equally capable peoples would have rather even distribution of success and failure.

Another thing that should be mentioned here is luck is not like we take in ordinary sense as if it is some kind of magic, instead luck is one of cosmic force in our universe and they have impact on things just like other known forces such as electromagnetic waves, today our scientists know only few measurable quantities but there can be infinitely yet to be discovered. Concluding something only based limited scientific knowledge and discarding other possible forces would only invite more ignorance.

Now coming to how does the luck operates? there may not be single comprehensive answer to this question but luck is highly influenced by how we think, yes external events can change by mere thinking without the need for physical action, Saying this is not supporting superstition but to destroy sprouting superstition based on modern science and materialistic rationals. Thinking is also a subtle form of action which do not always require physical action to for its manifestation. For example one may experience telepathic incidents that influenced event of his/her life, telepathy is now accept by modern scientists and there are many other ways mind and thinking can affect external events. So basically your mind maybe programmed to attract bad-luck or good luck, this happens naturally without you being aware of it.

A reinterpreted quote from some wise man “You make your own luck”, that is true, but a luck is not made by arbitrary or trial-and-error effort in dark but that is possible by fundamental changes in our unconscious mind, the way it catches undesirable outcomes can be reversed. blockage are formed in ones mind during lifetime experiences and observations we make our beliefs and some thing goes deep into our inner mind.

Indie authors need not worry on eBook piracy

Success of eBook and emergence of self publishing has made more indie authors to enter and make decent income from their writings. While many of us wasting time discussing Amazon’s monopoly and competition and totally overlooking rise of new Hybrid author-buyer services like BookBaby, Inkling etc.

The crux of above lines is just to highlight that these new models are way different from traditional publishing and there are more new authors and content flood than ever before. eBook pirates simply do not have enough time to capture all of it.

Book price have gone down, And there is new notion of Social selling using Facebook, Twitter ,Blogs. Today’s eBooks are more seen as seasonal commodity like newspaper and magazine. There is not enough resources and return from pirating these, although buyer close circle sharing is quite possible.

DRM has been abandoned not because there is better alternatives but a simple math of investment – return, DRM system did not yield profit for modern low priced ebooks. Moreover indie author need not worry about using any DRM features.